The corporate culture of Jeepu
Jeepu's enterprise culture: with the idea innovation as the guide, the strategic innovation as the foundation, the organizational innovation as the guarantee, the technology innovation as the means, the market innovation as the target, along with the Jeepu from scratch, from small to large, from the big to the strong, from China to the world, the integrity leather culture itself is also constantly innovating and developing. The general recognition of employees and active participation are the greatest characteristics of Jeepu culture. At present, the goal of trustworthy leather products is to create China's world famous brand and win glory for the nation. This goal is a perfect combination of the development of Jeepu and the value pursuit of individual Jeepu employees. Every employee of integrity leather goods will fully realize the value and pursuit of the individual in the process of realizing the big goal of the Jeepu world famous brand.